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"Atrium Apartments" is a certified partner and proud holder of the "Balcanica Superior" certificate,
which guarantees the quality of the services we provide.

Balcanica Superior

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You can view our latest brochure by clicking on the image. We are your ideal starting point for discovering Kladovo and Eastern Serbia.


Our Vision

Our goal is to provide you with a good nights sleep and relaxing stay.

Whether the reason for your visit to Kladovo is tourist or business nature, our location in the city is in an ideal place. Far enough from the center (1,200 m) to have your peace near one of the city parks, and only 500 m from the city beach, market or bakery. Parking with video surveillance is also provided.


In addition to the guaranteed quality vacation that you will provide yourself by choosing our facility, cruising the Djerdap gorge with our tourist boat (Trinity Boat Tours), will make your stay in Kladovo unforgettable. Our accommodation capacity of 66 beds enables the organization of smaller seminars and business meetings.


What sets us apart from other private accommodation facilities in Kladovo is the fact that with us you get hotel quality services (daily room cleaning, reception services, laundry, drying and ironing ...), at much better prices than hotel ones. The only thing that our accommodation facility does not have is a restaurant, but that is why we have excellent cooperation with the best restaurants in the city, so we can very easily organize food delivery or make a reservation on your behalf.

Our primary goal is to provide you with a pleasant vacation and top service, as well as to help organize all your tourist or business needs.

  • Boat Rides
  • Sports and Business Meetings
  • Tours of historical monuments
  • Cycling and hiking trips

Boat tours

Safe, Comfortable, Unforgettable

TRINITY BOAT is a dedicated tourist boat, very safe and comfortable, beautifully designed, with a capacity of 12 passengers.
It is equipped with all necessary protective equipment, certified waistcoats, refrigerator, sunbathing skylights ...
Professional and friendly staff will make your Danube ride unforgettable, and provide all the necessary information
about numerous attractions that you will visit during an hour and a half drive.

More details...
Trinity boat tours Trinity boat tours Trinity boat tours

We have been in the hospitality business for over 18 years and are active participants for the tourist events in Kladavo.

Our accommodations

Our rooms and suites are made to fit your needs. We paid special attention to evey detail in design and function.
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We take care of your dream, your vacation and your pleasure... We have been in business for over 18 years and now we are expanding our services to accomodation services, renting rooms and apartments in Kladovo
We have provided superior services since 1998

We began our business in 1998 with the opening of the "Atrijum" club. The club, located in the city center, has developed for years and has become a discotheque with performances by famous DJs, bands and entertainers from Serbia and Europe.

Often, guests of the club coming from the surrounding area (Romania, Belgrade, Negotin, Zajecar, Nis, etc.) wanted to stay and spend the whole weekend in Kladovo, visit the beach or some of the other area attractions, and we decided to expand the activity to accommodation services .

The best thing is... We do not want to stop here. The satisfaction of our guests motivates us further and is the inexhaustible source of inspiration... Ideas are accumulating, new projects are in progress... We want to provide you with everything that you want, and beyond... We We want to actively participate in your dreams...

  • Club "Atrijum"

    Club Atrijum is equipped with a superior sound and lighting system. It has a capacity up to 200 guests. The club area is available to rent fully staffed.

  • Discotheque "Atrijum"

    The total capacity of around 500 guests (not including the club area) has hosted many famous names of the European and Serbian DJ scene and stage.

  • Accommodations

    We currently have a total of 24 units, 4 apartments and 20 rooms.

  • Capacity

    We are able to accommodate 66 guests, but we are currently expanding so that we may accommodate more soon.

  • WebDev Global
  • TO Kladovo
  • Elite Kladovo
  • Opština Kladovo


Total Rooms


Capacity for people


One Address...


A lot of nice memories...

Atrijum team

We proudly present the members of our team.
Bojan Vulčević
Bojan Vulčević

A passionate fan of nature and camping. In his free time he rides his motorcycle across the roads of Europe, or off-road near Kladovo or in Romania. In catering for over 19 years. He studied architecture and takes an active part in all of his projects.

Dragana Jovanovic
Dragana Jovanović

For a long time she worked in the marketing agency and the agency for international road transport. He is a great fan of long walks by nature, loves skiing, but also loves the sea and long walks along the beach.


City tax - 80 rsd per person / day, is not included in the price.
We accept vouchers for vacation in Serbia.

Please note that we have discounted rates for larger groups and longer stay.


(price per room)

1 - 7 days
  • 1 person - 1.800 rsd
  • 2 persons - 2.400 rsd
  • 3 persons - 3.000 rsd
8 and more days
  • 1 person - 1.400 rsd
  • 2 persons - 2.000 rsd
  • 3 persons - 2.400 rsd
Single room



  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Service
Double room



  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Service
Triple room



  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Service


(and Quadruple room)



  • Cable TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking
  • Kitchen (Apartment only)
  • Laundry Service


We have created a pleasant environment, suitable for your vacation and a pleasant stay in Kladovo.
Designed with love

We have paid special attention to every detail in our rooms, because we think that our guests deserve it.


We made every effort to do things right, to anticipate everything that we think you can expect from us.

Support services

As good hosts, we will do our best to organize whatever you need (arranging transportation or perhaps a boat ride?)

We will accommodate your needs

Do you need laundry service? Want breakfast in your room? Italian or local cuisine? No problem...

Good organization

We paid great attention to organization. Imagine, the information desk just outside your room.

24/7 we're at your service

Yes, we really think this... You will not have to wait until the morning if you need some information or service...


We think satisfied guests are the best advertisements, so we will post your comments here.

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